Sunday, 16 February 2014

New Game: Pyromania 2

By Gabam, music by Neil Parsons.

Ingenious use of C.G.D here, incorporating some of the best ideas from Gab's previous games.  As usual it looks amazing.

Also as usual, Gab has cranked up the difficulty level to give a very challenging game.  On this occasion though I feel he has overegged the pudding, making some levels that would have been amazing unplayable due to unnecessary difficulty.  Still, pressing the Z key allows you to skip a level if you can't manage it.  I'm not sure it's possible but I for one will be trying to complete it anyway.

Check it out and marvel at the breakout level (4).


Screen 1,2. Collect the citizen, then get them to the hospital (take them all at once to
the red cross)

Screen 3. As in 1 and 2 but the village fountain can give you some immunity
against wandering (smiling) flames

Screen 4. Bounce the little pengo (use the white rock) to destroy the ice bocks wall.
Then go get the lady and take her to the hospital. Careful: if you miss the pengo, the
nasty flames will be set free and will kill her!

Screen 5. Save the robot miners. As they dig into the radioactive mud, their delicate
electronics get ruined and your time goes by faster and faster. Go pounding on the
hourglass (fying up and down on it will buy you some extra seconds).

Screen 6. Santa Claus was in a rush so he dropped his gifts on the dark alleys where some
poor kids live....of course those beautiful boxes got stuck leaving the kids in big
disappointment. On top of that, nasty ghosts (maybe from Halloween) decided to set the
alleys on fire... Deliver the gifts and then collect the kids. Take the kids to the hospital
and let them enjoy their gifts.

Screen 7. Save the ladies AND DESTROY the red wandering flames (use the ice blocks after
removing the rocky blocks)

Screen 8. To Destroy the big Fire-monster, free the path for the friendly ice cubes, so
they can get to the monster, THEN get to the monster's hart

Great music from Neil Parsons.

Screens compressed using zx7, music done in Beepola.

Download TAP here.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

New CGD Game: C is for CRABBY

By Gabam, music by Neil Parsons.

Gab has excelled himself here, superb graphics and game design.  It has a more manageable difficulty gradient than his other games, so you might complete it after a few tries.  Excellent use of gravity (which gives the sprite an 'animated effect), nice extra screens, and an end of game boss.  I love this game to bits.

Screens compressed using zx7, music done in Beepola.

Download TAP here.
Download cassette inlay here.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Speccy Rally

Vertical rally game by Yoshiatom.

Bit too short and could do with some development*: more levels, varied speed sprites, and a difficulty gradient, still good fun and an enjoyable challenge to get to the end.

*hint hint Yoshi :-p

Download here.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CGD Game. PYROMANIA: Trial by fire.

By GabAm.

Really grows on you this one, don't let the initial chaos put you off.  An unusual take on the painter game.

Best UDGs evaaah.

Features Neil Parson's excellent Beepola rendition of Billy Joel's 'We didn't start the fire'.

Screens compressed with zx7.

Level 1 - Create fire by going over blocks twice.  Avoid but make enough to kill all the baddies.
Level 2 - Cut all the grass, which allows you to collect the gas cans in the centre of the boxes, go to the central exit.
Level 3 - Create a holy fire trail (which doesn't harm you on this occasion) to kill all the baddies.  Avoid them and their deadly trails.
Level 4 - Get to the exit at the bottom right.  Avoid the fire & baddies.
Level 5 - Destroy the cute penguins by driving around creating fire.
Level 6 - Cut all the grass, collect the gas cans, get to the exit.
Level 7 - Get the gas canisters, go to the exit, avoid the snowmen.
Level 8 - Collect the things, avoid the cool fire effect, go to the exit.

Download (google link)

Mediafire link

Gab's youtube link.


CGD Game: Push 'n' Chase

By GabAm.

Nice use of push blocks to give us something different (and fun).  Gabam's games are notoriously difficult, but this can be completed.  The key 'Z'to skip levels has been kept active, so you can miss the levels you don't like.

Great Beepola music by Neil Parsons.

Intro & loading screen by Dave Hughes, compressed using zx7.



Platform/puzzle game by DH, eat the dirt, drink the beetle juice, impale the Wubwubs onto spikes, service Morgbella.  Poor Skurff.

Extra screens done in ZX Paintbrush and compressed using zx7.

Greensleeves by Dr Thomas using Beepola, each screen has a cryptic crossword clue to solve by Nodrog.


Download game embedded in CDG.

CGD Game: The Deadly Labyrinth of Lord XYRX

By Yerzmyey.

Colourful crazy maze game with Yerz's trademark superb AY music, hacked in by gasman.

You're about to enter the Deadly Labyrinth of evil Lord Xyrx.
You don't have to eat all the items but in every level you MUST
collect 5 BLUE KEYS to unlock all the doors to the next chambers.
Achtung: AVOID the monsters! They will kill you instantly!
Finally - the bleak castle of Lord Xyrx awaits you!! BEWARE!!!!

Download files.